Replacements (original test here):

Finally found the time to replace my LaSportivas. I must say the Speedster and the Futura perform remarkably well. Light, very sensitive, extremely flexible and with the new edge design definitely with a completely new feeling when climbing/bouldering.

Two downsides though:

1. You can’t resole them, due to the new design of the sole (and the place they now started to disolve is the very tip of the big toe)

2. They widen massively over the first 2 weeks, so buy them extremely tight (I’m 1,5 sizes under normal climbing shoes).

But anyhow, so far by far the best shoes I had in the last 15 years. Indoors as well as outdoors! And they both lasted surprisingly long! I normally replace my shoes after 2-3 months (or resole) at the latest. These bad boys lasted nearly a year! Amazing!

More info in the initial test: here

any opinions?

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